It is a valuable asset for any GC to have a one stop shop metal fabricator. Listed below is a partial list of metal items related to specific divisions in a specification book.

Division 3 & 4: Masonry and Concrete

  • Custom Concrete Forms
  • Brick Flashings
  • Block Outs
  • Reinforcement Materials: Rebar & Embeds

Division 5: METALS

  • 05120, 05500,05510
  • Misc. Structural Steel: BSM maintains a wide variety of structural shapes in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in stock. Ready for immediate fabrication.
  • Stair Treads, Hand Railings, Bollards, Trash Enclosures, Ladders, Bar Grating and Floor Plates. Forming and Rolling to ¼” Plate
  • CNC Plasma Cutting to ½”
  • Functional to Decorative

Division 6: Wood and Plastic

  • Custom Metal Accouterments Associated with Finished Wood Products
  • Structural Brackets and Plates
  • Store Fixtures. Chanel, Starbuck’s, Lucky Brand Jeans, Einstein Bagels, Chase, and more….
  • Cabinet Accents: Trim, Fill In Panels, Shelving
  • Countertops, Bar Facing , Drink Rails, Hidden Supports, Pedestals, Base
  • Supplier to the Millwork Industry
  • Hospitals, Banks, Schools, Labs, Universities
  • Wall Backer

Division 7: Thermal/Moisture

  • 07410 Wall Panels: Pre-Painted Steel and Aluminum Panels, Galvalume, Paint Lock, and Galvanized.
  • A606 aka – CORTEN : Flat Sheet and Corrugated. Metal that surface rusts and stops. (see projects)
  • 07620 Sheet Metal Flashing and Trim
  • 07631 Gutters and Downspouts
  • Custom Cap Flashing , Scuppers, Leader Heads
  • Metal Roof Curbs. Any Profile: Butler, American, etc…

Division 8&9: Doors, Windows, Finishes

  • Metal Door Modification
  • Jamb Trim: Man Door and Overhead Doors
  • Kick Plates
  • Anodized or Kynar Painted Materials in Stock. Dark Bronze, Stone White, etc…
  • Metal: Ceiling Tiles, Cove Base, Wall Panels, and Corner Guards

Division 10: Specialties

  • Custom Toilet Partitions: DTC Tavern
  • Custom Sinks: Centro in Boulder
  • Custom Urinals: The Wrangler in Denver, as well as residential models
  • Wall Louvers
  • Security and or Vision Proof Fencing: Hewlett Packard  Talos Security
  • Wall Guards, Railing, Corner Guards
  • Fireplace Surrounds: Residential, Commercial, Show Room, Golf Club Houses
  • Custom Lockers or Modification of Factory Built Lockers
  • Awnings, Chutes, Partitions, Shelving, Mail Boxes
  • Portable Shelving and Partitions
  • Wire Mesh Cages or Enclosures: Ford Motor Company

Division 16: ELECTRICAL

  • Electrical Enclosures, J-Boxes, and Top Hats. NEMA 1, 3r, and 4x. UL 50 Compliant
  • Wireways, Floor Troughs, Gutter, and Custom Fittings, UL 870 Compliant
    Pre-Engineered Underfloor Frames for use with PDU, UPS, KVA, etc. in Raised Floor Facilities
  • Cable Hangers, Replacement Screw Covers
  • Escutcheon Plates

Speed or turnaround is sometimes the most important quality we can provide. The willingness of the BSM team to put extra effort, whether its overtime, or working hours outside the normal work day provides additional options for its customers to reach their deadlines.