Broomfield Sheet Metal

“Business on a Handshake Should Be Good Enough.”

Broomfield Sheet Metal begun in 1954, arguable a simpler time more attuned to “traditional” business values. According to owner and President Christine Christensen, the philosophy of business taught by the original owner was “Business on a handshake should be good enough.  If you give your word you keep your word.”  Today, under the leadership of Christine, the company still operates according to those principals.  Eschewing advertising, BSM continues to thrive despite a challenging economy, in large measure on the strength of their reputation for quality and reliability.

In 2002, BSM built a new 17,000 sq ft building in Lafayette.  It meant leaving their long time home in Broomfield, but was a strategic move just missing an extreme rise in inflation especially realized in the construction industry.

In 2008, Christensen purchased the company in full.  The recession at the time called for some creative business decisions to help weather the storm.  Christensen negotiated a roof mounted solar system on the roof of their building.  The system generates enough electricity to power BSM daily and sends the surplus back on Xcel’s grid.  BSM’s strength was to provide a diversity of capabilities and skills that BSM can provide to its customers.  “We keep an open mind on the variety of projects we look at, and at the same time maintain a blend of old school craftsmanship and new school technology.”

BSM’s success is built by the sum of the skills provided by the loyal, honest and talented team members that work there.  Christensen believes, “we truly have nothing if not the best people that come to work everyday.  We work hard but have fun doing it.”

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