A Cost-Effective Solution for a Challenging HVAC Unit Replacement

This project involved the replacement of existing rooftop HVAC units with new units. The challenge was to cost-effectively deal with the fact that supply and return ports for new units are now located on the opposite sides than was the case for the existing equipment.

Dry Creek Business Park (DCBP) is owned by an international, public corporation that expects fiscal responsibility and accountability. So, project cost and impact on building tenants were primary concerns.

Building management received quotes from two companies in their area. Dissatisfied with the bids received, DCBP contacted the local York dealer who referred them to BSM.

Custom Ductwork and Plenum Saves Money

BSM visited the facility and identified the customer's goals and criteria for a successful project. These set up the parameters for BSM to work within. Mike Capps and Wade Rose (estimator) worked through several possible solutions and finally proposed custom duct work and plenum off of the units allowing connection to the existing roof openings with new units located in the same position as the original equipment.

Coordination and Planning Minimizes Impact on Tenants

The work was planned to cause a minimum of disruption within the building. Units were changed out in stages and temporary cooling was supplied as needed. BSM received the new units at their facility and transported them to the work site. The old units had the Freon removed per EPA guidelines and were then recycled for the metal.

Innovation and Execution Results in Successful Project

The solution proposed by BSM saved the customer some $50,000 dollars just by being able to re-use the existing curb systems. Since the custom plenum and ductwork were all installed on the rooftop, the project was much less intrusive than other bids. The BSM solution also saved money and time since no re-roofing was required and the existing gas and electrical service were reused.

The implementation planning and scheduling by BSM caused a minimum of interruptions to the customer's tenants.

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